Facebook Rolls-out New Page Insights Analytics

insightsinfoFacebook rolled-out new page insights analytics with six separate tabs to analyze the metrics that matter, starting with the “Overview” tab, where you’ll get a snapshot of what’s been happening in your Facebook Page over the past seven days, and you can drill down from there.

The key changes are that you can now look at the reach of each post in the last seven days. The “Reach” tab comprises metrics that factor into Facebook’s News Feed algorithm, including likes, comments and shares of posts. You can delve into a specific period of time by using the calendar selector, or by clicking and dragging your mouse across the graph.

If you see a post you want to learn more about, simply click on the link to the post. Facebook aggregates a bunch of information about the performance of a particular update and presents that in a pop-up window.

The “Visits” tab shows you where people came from (referring traffic), and what tabs within your page they interacted with while there. It also shows things like how many times your page was mentioned within a defined period of time you choose.

People tab of your Page Insights provides the following information about the people who like your Page including gender, countries, cities and language.


Source: An Introduction to Facebooks New Page Insights