Facebook Exchange Ads Revenue Boost Display


Facebook Exchange Ads and Facebook Ads have boosted Revenue for Display Advertising with a   15.4 % growth in eCPM.

According to Global Audience Report published by Turn,

“Top Advertisers continue to drive Facebook Exchange Ads, which attracted USD 0.45 eCPM in Q3 vs USD 0.39 eCPM in Q2. The eCPM for Facebook Advertising has been up by 87 % YTD.”

Overall Display Ad impressions eCPM continue to increase in Q3 2013 from Q2 2013, with Global impression volume remaining stable.

The Display advertising revenue for Major Display Ad selling companies can be seen from eMarketer’s estimate of Ad Revenue.


An estimate of Digital Advertising revenues can be seen from the share of revenues for each type of Digital Advertising.  With  Display Related Advertising being the second most important revenue generator in Digital, Search continues to lead in share of revenues.


Video continues to be the highest value generator with majority of impressions in the higher eCPM bracket.


Here’s a quick snapshot of Turn insights Global Audience report with multiple channel digital advertising increasing ROI by 24 %

The revenue share of performance based advertising and impression based advertising for US can be seen from the figures share by iab.net.

Source: eMarketer, iab and TechCrunch