The 250 New Emoji? Here’s What They’ll Look Like


Yesterday afternoon, the Unicode Consortium published a list of 250 new Emoji that they hope Google, Apple, Twitter and the rest will all come to embrace. Spiders! Middle fingers! “Man in business suit levitating”!

The problem? Except for a tiny handful of exceptions, the list of what’s to come was just a pile of text sans visual examples. When we’re talking about emoji, who wants to see a big ol’ list of words with their dumb ol’ letters? What are we supposed to do with that? Read? This is the future! Reading is for squares! We demand all media in the form of 12 second looping videos and GIFs!

The Unicode Consortium generally provides Apple/Google/et al. with example icons, and they’ve just updated their example library with all of the new characters. These example charts have two purposes: to serve as an inspiration/foundation for any artists tasked with creating…

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