Humor in Campaigns Key for Targeting Millennials and Gen Zers

Humor is seen as key for making your brand win with Millennials and Gen Zers.The Fisher Price campaign launched in April is an only Digital Campaign with direct calls to action promoted through apps, microsites social media pages and websites.
Sour Patch Kids has launched a five day Snapchat campaign where the Snapchat account is taken over by the social media star Logan Paul, sharing pranks that he pulls off in the streets of New York.
According to AdWeek, “Each day this week, Logan will post a Snapchat Story to Sour Patch Kids’ account detailing one of his high jinks. The theme of the Snapchat messages will change during the course of the week from “sweet” pranks to “sour” Snaps. The tone falls in line with the brand’s “first they’re sour, then they’re sweet” tagline.”

Millennials are sharing more often than other age groups as a way to keep track of their lives.
Pew Research Center has found that as high as 55% of Millennials know and have shared a selfie on Facebook,Instagram or Snapchat.

Millennials remain loyal to Twitter with 60% tweeting atleast once a day.Research by Twitter with DB5 reveals Millennials use Twitter on their mobile phones, check Twitter atleast once a day and use it as a means to share jokes and connect.

The details of research are in the Infographic shared by Twitter in the advertising blog.

SOURCE: AdWeek, Forbes and Twitter Advertising