Unique Hashtags Create Brand Impact

Brands have used moments of peak activity to create maximum impact during the World Cup for creating  brand buzz  right through to the Winning of  the World  Cup. Brands often followed messaging with hashtag central to the campaign and it often became the Tagline for the campaign. Adidas chose to use brand voice that evolved into creating unique personal bond with messaging of #4ever with the fans as a sequel to #allin or nothing.
Twitter’s Social Media Campaign started with “Love Every Second” a video that gave details of how the World Cup will play out. In a round up Twitter posted a video with World Cup Highlights.

The critical campaign moments for Live Events to heighten engagement are points of decision in the event closer to achieving a win or near the end of the event.

According to a report by Business Insider Advertisers have spent as much on Social Media Advertising as they spent during the Super Bowl for TV Ads. According to the same source Digital ad buying agencies have confirmed the willingness of advertisers to embrace Social Media. To give an idea of scale a 30 sec Super Bowl Ad costs approx USD 4 million. Most advertisers are known to increase the budgets for events based advertising as they tend to target multiple regions and the engagement seen during the World Cup for Social Media posts is often ten times greater. With Facebook and Twitter the insights for events linked social media buzz clearly points that Brands engaging audience are likely to get noticed with precise and targeted messaging. YouTube generated views for brand advertisers creating monumental buzz. The preferred advertising formats were Facebook’s Promoted Posts and Twitter’s Promoted Tweets. With limited play and space campaigns in Social Media can win with Precise and Targeted Messaging The perfect Facebook post is a mix of creating messaging that resonates with the audience and captures the moment in the minimum possible letters and characters. Source: The Twitter Blog and BI Tech