Social Media Could Sweeten Your Life

Facebook and Twitter can be used effectively to launch a product digitally and in a rare launch Pizza Hut has introduced an all new Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Cookie.

According to Brand Eating,”Pizza Hut introduces a new giant fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie that they’re calling “The Ultimate Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Cookie.”

The 8-inch cookie is cut into 8 slices and features an average of 165 Hershey’s semi-sweet chocolate chips per cookie.

The price tag is $4.99 with the additional purchase of a pizza or $5.99 if you get just the cookie.

To highlight the new cookie launch, Pizza Hut will donate 10 percent of the proceeds from each cookie sold on Wednesday, July 16, up to $50,000, to the World Food Programme, a charitable organization that fights world hunger. Hershey has pledged to match the total funds raised. They’re calling it “The Ultimate Bake Sale.””

In a product launch by Pizza Hut where Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Cookie was launched, the promotion was posted on Facebook with a CTA to Tweet hashtag #PizzaHutHershey’s.

The website has a promotional banner announcing the price with a message “The Ultimate Bake Sale”.
The Twitter promotion rewarded customers with $5 voucher for an hour to hundred customers who Tweeted the hashtag.

The promotion that was run on Twitter and Facebook is over and above the message of donation to hunger foundation on the website.

Running Social Media Campaign to increase traffic to a certain location can be done for outlets directing the audience to a specific location.

Similar campaign can be run for retail outlets that seek to reward customers with vouchers.

The success of the campaign depends on the size of brand fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Very often the brands targeting the followers use a giveaway with an overriding message where the brand contributes to a cause.

Cause linked messaging can be posted in the Tweet or Website or on Facebook.

The Pizza Hut Brand message is clear and aims to introduce a new concept of Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Pizza format.

The promotion run on Twitter was time-bound open for an hour and interestingly the customers have tweeted about the happy experience too.

The newly launched product is posted on Instagram.
Pizza Hut has clearly found a sweet way to earn the brand love from the fans and followers.

Source: Brand Eating, Pizza Hut Facebook & Twitter