Video Marketing with Hashtags

With videos being shared on social media channels Video Marketing has moved beyond optimization on YouTube and Search.
To be found in the social media space your video should be optimized with a hashtag that makes it easier for the audience to start a conversation and share their views.

Here are some interesting points than can help your brand crack the code of social media video strategy where hashtags and social proofing make for a winning campaign.

1.Keep it Short and create curiosity

It is important that the hashtag used for the campaign sparks a level of intrigue with the audience so they are curious to find out more about your brand.
A simple product description may not suffice and will not bring audience to share their views and comments to create the level of brand buzz you are hoping to achieve.

2.Iterate to get your message across

Engagement in Social Media is fleeting.You may get the views but the level of engagement could be low therefore it is important you create multiple iterations of your key message with the right screen shots and links to landing pages explaining the offer.

If you go with a hashtag that is a conversation starter a descriptive image of the offer or the product can be used.

  1. Analyze Engagement

Engaging audience with your video can take place by promoting the video in a Tweet or including the same in an email strategy. You could also include it in your Twitter timeline and analyze engagement with Organic Tweet Analytics. If you have different messages analyze which one is yielding better engagement with your Target Audience.

  1. Brand Connect

Create hashtags that describe the core bond that the brand shares with the audience. This could serve as a great conversation starter and so create a brand promise . The best examples in this space are the hashtags from Adidas world cup campaign #4ever and #allin or nothing which sought to bring audience on board with the campaign and start a conversation with the brand followers.

The CTA for brand campaign is most likely to be to encourage followers and create brand buzz.

  1. Create Audience Segments

Audience may not react to the same message therefore it is important to understand the audience segment you are targeting to engage your Target Audience. The tone and choice of Hashtag should be customized for the audience.

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