Yelp Trends To Stay Tuned To The Local Buzz


“Hair extensions peaked with Londoners in 2008, bobs were hottest in late 2009, and fringe saw a spike at the beginning of 2014”
Local businesses can now keep up with local trends with Yelp Trends.

Yelp Trends can help you target customers by gaining insights with Yelp trends in business across 98 cities in 20 countries.

What’s unique about Yelp trends is that the trends are based on reviews provided by customers. This is a rich information source as there are over 57 Million reviews on Yelp.

Here”s how Yelp Trends can help your business to create the buzz:

  1. Find out the newest trends by checking how the services and products you offer compare with what is being buzzed.
  2. Review the comments to understand if the format and presentation in your product offering reflects what your audience and customers are crazy about.

  3. If there are positive reviews for most buzzed service or offers from your customers make sure that you upfront the same.

  4. Build on the positive buzz in your Marketing and Communication.

  5. Encourage customers to write reviews who have a positive experience about the most buzzed words.

  6. Understand Seasonal Trends to grow your business by topicalizing your offers.

  7. Communicate your offers in social media channels.

Image Sourced from Yelp Trends