Creating Brand Connect On Instagram

Brands are using visual content for engaging audience, encouraging fans to share images.

Applebee’s beeafantographer Instagram campaign is an effort that encourages audiences to share their images. In a dedicated brand website, Applebee’s has asked fans to upload the images with a hashtag for featuring the image.

As mentioned by AdWeek “To participate, consumers must first opt in via a microsite that gives Applebee’s permission to post content to its account. Then, anything that those users post with the #Applebees or the campaign’s #Fantographer hashtags is up for grabs for posting. Each posted photo is framed with a branded border.” The campaign is being promoted with Twitter and Facebook ads.

The post on Instagram feature the pic with brand comment.

“Sweet surrender. High five to our #Applebees #Fantographer @bergiebabe33 for this #BrownieBite pic! #dessert #brownie #chocolate”

The brand voice plays a critical role as it is the common thread giving brand community a cohesive message about the product and brand. The Hashtag is important for finding the conversation however the brand voice with remarks from the brands sets the tone of the conversation.

Instagram is a Visual Content sharing network and the visual content can be used in Brand Campaign successfully by creating images to communicate your key message, however brand voice creates the connect for engagement.

Engagement is key for generating likes. Here are some interesting ways Brands are winning at engaging their fans:

  1. Share a Social Video with a preview of an event. Encourage conversation with a message as a lead in for the event.

  2. Create product visuals that capture the core benefit and place it in the conversation with brand message that evokes the core emotional benefit.

  3. User Generated Content with participation that brings audience to contribute through brand voice which is engaging.

  4. Use Context that communicates the core benefits with images that bring out your competitive edge which could be your expertise or key product feature.

  5. Engage audiences with campaign ideas that are topical such as Geofilters in Tweets shared for #purplestraw campaign by CBTL.