Five Ways To Engage The Movies Audience on Twitter

Twitter users are a highly engaged movie going audience with more than 60 percent of movie goers connecting online and on Twitter about the movie prior to viewing the movie. 

In a newly launched Tweet a Coke campaign -“Tweet a Coke” gives fans a chance to share a Coke via Twitter. Tweet A Coke is an engagement for Movie goers and Twitter fans while Share a Coke campaign is targeted at Teens and Millennials which has generated views and social media shares.

Twitter is popular with movie goers with research done by Twitter and Nielsen pointing to a highly engaged audience. All Twitter users tend to follow the movie buzz prior to its release and nearly 25 percent of all respondents decide on the movie based on what they see in ads, promos or Tweets about the movie.
“The vast majority (87%) of Twitter users said what they saw on Twitter influenced their most recent movie choice.”as mentioned in the Twitter Advertising blog.

According to a Press Release, “Tweet-a-Coke” serves as a digital experience  for Coca-Cola’s ‘Share a Coke’ campaign which extends an invitation to America to find their name and the names of family, friends, colleagues on a bottle of Coca-Cola and together open a little extra happiness this summer. The campaigns are for creating brand connect with the younger audience who are also engaged Twitter users.

The campaign features 20-ounce bottles with the most popular names replacing the logo and the campaign targets teens and millennials. To find out which names are available in-stores, fans can visit ‘Share a Coke’ will also tour the nation with more than 500 stops where people can customize Coca-Cola mini cans for themselves and a second can for someone special. offers date and location information for the cross-country tour.”Tweet-a-Coke,” gives fans the chance to Share a Coke via Twitter.

A social-commerce first for Coca-Cola, moviegoers can buy and Tweet a friend a Coca-Cola at participating Cinemas across the country. They simply connect a credit card to their Twitter account, then tweet a friend using @TweetACoke, the word “enjoy” and their friend’s Twitter handle.

Five Ways Brands Can Engage Movie-goers on Twitter

Be a part of the movie conversation with product placement and create buzz around it. Bring the New Releases conversation to your social media account to create Digital buzz as seen in Disney’s Planes and American Airlines.

Promote an offer linked to the movie with the Followers of the movie on Twitter. The buzz on Twitter is followed by approximately 82 percent of Movie goers prior to the release.

Create a customized offer targeted at an audience segment with an offer as seen in Tweet A Coke.

Personalize the Movie experience with an offline or online engagement such as time linked reward offer.

Develop a theme campaign for the brand featuring the Movie to promote your brand with the Movie followers on Twitter. A campaign launched by Oreo for Transformers is a good example of engaging movie goers prior to the release.

Image source Mobile Marketing Magazine
Video source YouTube