Snapchat’s Visual Sharing Makes It Popular With Younger Millennials


The Younger Millennials 18-24 yrs are on Snapchat which is the third most popular app after Facebook and Instagram.
Brands targeting Millennials can reach 50% of the audience in 18-24 yrs demographic with Snapchat.

Some of the campaigns that performed well on Snapchat are shared by Convince and Convert.
A recent campaign run by Sour Patch Kids had Social Media Star Logan Paul play pranks on the streets of New York.


p style=”text-align:justify;”>Snapchat enjoys high rate of engagement with visual sharing being most popular. Brands looking at creating content for Snapchat can use Stories to create meaningful engagement with sponsorships and participation at Live Events.

Though Snapchat enjoys a great reach the challenge for Brands could remain creating engagement with the right target audience. Research done by Pew indicates that Brands need to look at the demographic in context of household income to create engaging content.

Source : Business Insider, comScore and Pew Internet Research