Real-time Insights For Live Events Hashtags

Hashtag analysis for #VMAs has given an insight on Twitter and Instagram and how influencers and Brands promoted on Twitter and Instagram during MTV VMAs.

With the hashtag tracking Marketers can identify real-time the key influencers for the post and the event making their messaging more engaging.

You could also build a fun element to the trend to create a recall with a quick look at trending topics. If the topic is around a hair style than a Magazine could promote a new look or a trend for the season.

Conversation on Twitter wielded more impressions than on any other channels.


Using Analytics Track here is a round up of conversation and impressions for # VMAs for four days.
Twitter and Instagram
293 users
20,913,104 reach
772,251,083 impressions


Hashtags Real-time tracking for events can help you increase reach by promoting your Tweets and posts with the Hashtag to all following the event conversation.

Another way of increasing conversation and engagement for your Tweets would be to post live updates for the highlights of the events.

Brands could gain engagement by mentioning a celebrity look that is trending

Getting key influencers to tweet about your product can get retweets and shares for your posts.
Infographic below for Ads that scored during Super Bowl.