Hyperlapse From Instagram For Powering Your Brand Story

Brands have a new app for story telling – Hyperlapse an app from Instagram that lets you capture videos of objects in Motion with a cinematic feel and lets you choose the pace you would like to present the video.

Now you can create professional videos to present the content which helps you explain the evolution of your brand to “how to” product videos to strengthen your content and Digital strategy.

It is possible to package great quality video in time lapse format by changing the pace of your video simply choosing the pace of your video.

Ten Ways Brands Could Use Hyperlapse

Create Behind The Scenes Video to highlight your Brand’s core differentiator. If its quality, show videos stressing on how you deliver quality and ensure quality.You could even plan a contest for the same on Instagram and Facebook with a unique Hashtag.

If you are a brand that focuses on luxury or any high end products videos bringing upfront how your services translate into customer benefit can be shared on your Social Media profiles

If Events are important for your Business then Hyperlapse is all that you have been waiting for as you can create videos of events in different forms to showcase your offering.

Brands that rely in story-telling with customer experiences can show remarkable quality videos for each of the brand core benefits

If you are a Brand with local presence you could focus on attributes that make your brand favorable with the local community. E.g Any Community led activity such as service for the welfare pets could be promoted by a local pet food company.

If you are brand that focuses on online channels then product benefits such as high quality video presentation of customer offers can be used.

Brands looking at ways to create Brand Community could ask for user-generated videos to increase brand favorability.

Brands with preference for visual medium could look at greater collaboration to create content that can become branded. I.e. Only Hyperlapsed videos

Brands that rely on only Digital could use the same for creating visual displays to package product features in LED sign boards or shop fronts.

Hyperlapse could be used for packaging moments that you consider are pivotal in the buyer journey by comparing with other brand offers and positioning how your customers are privy to exclusive benefits.

Hyperlapse is currently available for iOS devices and does not have a stream of its own.The videos can be shared on Instagram and Facebook.

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