Optimize Your Seasonal Campaigns With Google Shopping Camapigns

Are you gearing up to optimize your campaigns for Holiday season.

Google Shopping campaigns are an effective way to maximize and optimize your holiday season marketing with seasonal campaigns targeting the mobile shopper. Mobile has led the way in increasing impressions for last holiday season with Q4 impressions increasing by 70 percent in Q4 2013. Google Shopping campaigns with its mobile segmentation can now enable a separate queue for mobile with the mobile attribute and specifically designed mobile landing pages to target by device ownership to optimize your mobile marketing. This is highly important to drive conversions for your site as 38 % of all website traffic is now mobile.

To help you plan your Shopping Campaign for the holidays here are some key steps and tools Shared by Google.


Create a Check list to measure your efforts and plan. Very often the campaign planning process begins in september which requires preparedness for campaigns with the right product feed and merchandize.

The seasonal strategy is over and above your Product Marketing Campaigns. Here are some handy tips to help you plan your Shopping campaigns

Steps to creating Seasonal Strategy

Identify Which products drive revenues
Products that are Highly Promoted are likely to be best suited for a seasonal campaign
Create Channel attribution with the response rate for each channel and response received from earlier campaigns. This helps you determine the overall weightage you want to give to your Shopping campaigns.
Use momentum generated by other channels.The marketing message can reinforce the messaging in other channels for your product
Index your budget to match it with the overall weight that you have given as per cross-channel attribution.
Tier your daily budget and growth. Determine how you would like to schedule and benchmark overall performance
Check for product accuracy to ensure correct pricing and models
Allow Google to crawl your site to Pair-up images
Optimize you Data feed to include promotional offers
Ensure you have one active All products group
Tailor your bidding strategy with Keywords and human friendly language
Top performing products Can be classified as best sellers to provide bid priority
Schedule the high priority campaign with dates
Include products earmarked for campaign and exclude everything else

Seasonal Shopping is mostly mobile

Create a Mobile Seasonal Strategy with Mobile optimized landing pages and Provide URLs for mobile optimized landing pages with Mobile Link Attribute




Here are some of the key points to keep in mind while planning your Mobile Shopping Campaigns
Use mobile bid identifier
Optimize mobile site and make it easy for shoppers to check-out
Provide URLs for mobile optimized landing pages with Mobile Link Attribute
Segment you campaign by Devices and add Estimated Total Conversions to understand the performance of mobile
Adjust to in-season Performance Check for feeds and adjust bids to increase impression share
Check on any opportunities or Day-part and look at all conversions to get the full picture about your campaign.