Social Media Advertising – Useful Tools to Kick-start your Campaign

Fbpost3Planning your Social Media Advertising during Holiday Season can be tricky. Here are some useful resources that can help you with Facebook and Twitter Advertising.

Facebook has refreshed the advertising guide to help you meander your way through the ad types that are available and the targeting options that you have based on the result that you are seeking from the campaign. The options Clicks to website and Website Conversions gives you an opportunity to promote Multiple products. The additional objective of Video Views can help you promote your Video in Mobile News Feed.

Exhibit A
Facebook Advertising may vary with the placements to include Mobile News Feed, Desktop News Feed and Right column as well as the objective of the campaign. To familiarize yourself with different elements for each advertising type, here is a snapshot from Facebook advertising page that can help you in publishing your ads. If you are looking at boosting a post you have the option of going with Photo, Video and Text. The campaign objectives may vary as seen in the Exhibit A.








The Target Audience can be defined for Demographic, Gender, Interests and behaviors including purchase data.








Twitter Advertising Tools

Handy tips to help you promote your products on Twitter

  • Generate buzz about your products early in the season by Tweeting product videos, photos and links.
    Tweet content matters: 45% of Twitter users said they’d like to see expert reviews of new products on Twitter.
    Tweet often throughout the holiday season, and encourage others to share your content. To spread the word about its new laptop hybrid, Hewlett-Packard (@HP) recruited @VineApp influencers

Twitter App Card is a useful Tool to promote your App with Mobile app Promotion. Twitter campaigns now include Tailored Audiences that can help you devise campaigns for the most likely target audiences based on the profile of your current customers.








The Metrics that are currently available are

Metrics on Promoted Accounts

  • Impressions: Times users are served the Promoted Account.
  • Clicks: Clicks on a Promoted Account username or avatar. A click on the follow link or the hide link doesn’t record a click.
  • Follows: Follows gained from a Promoted Account impression.
  • Follow Rate: Follows divided by impressions.
  • Cost per follow (CPF): Total spend divided by new followers gained from the campaign.

Metrics on Promoted Tweets

  • Impressions: Times users are served a Promoted Tweet.
  • Clicks: All clicks within a Promoted Tweet, including on the username, images, detail expands and URLs.
  • Retweets: Times a Promoted Tweet is shared via the Retweet button.
  • Replies: Tweets posted in reply to the Promoted Tweet. Always begins with the brand username.
  • Follows: Follows gained from a Promoted Tweet impression.
  • Engagement rate: Total engagements divided by impressions served.
  • eCPE: Total spend divided by total billed, non-billed and earned media engagements. Check out the “Also reached” tab in the analytics dashboard to see metrics for non-billed impressions.

Now that you are ready to start your campaign, let’s hear from you the objective of your Social Media Campaign



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