Reach Your Best Audiences With Remarketing Campaign on Twitter

twilRemarketing Campaigns can help you target your customers at different stages of the buying cycle. There are nine ways that you could leverage Remarketing campaigns for improved conversions and website visits.


  • Build Brand Awareness for Newly Launched Sites
  • Market to Customers Who Have Already Converted with Special Offers
  • Be the Helpful Salesperson
  • Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment
  • Adjust for Seasonality
  • Experiment with Duration Time
  • Segment Ads Based on User Groups
  • Create Custom Landing Pages that Incorporate Your Retargeting Message

Remarketing on Twitter can be done with Tailored audiences to convert your website visitors and users who have engaged with your Tweets.

If your objective with Twitter Ads is to reach high-intent visitors to your website and convert them into new customers, the website tag for remarketing may be a great fit. Because you can reach Twitter users shortly after they visit your website, you can connect with them while their intent is high.

The website tag for Remarketing is most effective for advertisers who:

  • See significant web traffic to the portion of the web pages where the tag is placed.
  • Are experienced with the Twitter Ads offering and want to explore additional functionality to drive direct response.

To get started with Remarketing it is important to have a website tag already placed in your site for conversion tracking purposes.


TailoredaudiencestwitterYou may then use the search box or click on Browse your audiences to locate any audiences you have created using the website tag for remarketing. Feel free to layer on any other targeting for location, device, gender, or language and select your bid and budget.

According to the Twitter blog, Remarketing to website visitors is extremely valuable because it captures recently demonstrated intent, so we recommend bidding aggressively when targeting from a website tag for remarketing audience.


Twitter Lead Generation Cards
CardstypeAccording to a Small business Blog, There are three basic good choices you can make for your Twitter Remarketing efforts:

  1. Twitter Lead Generation Cards
  2. Twitter Summary Cards
  3. Twitter App Cards

Twitter Cards can help you target with minimal effort while still getting that link built between your site and Twitter.

Set Up A Budget

You could set up a campaign overall budget or a minimum daily bid that helps you optimize your Twitter Campaign.The campaign can be set up to deliver on Daily budget basis, Bid per Engagement or overall budget for the campaign.

Below your daily budget, you can select one of two options indicating how daily budgets are spent:

o   Standard Delivery: Spend daily budgets evenly throughout the day

o   Accelerated Delivery: Spend daily budgets as fast as possible

All campaigns default to standard delivery, with the option to select accelerated pacing if you choose.

Standard delivery pacing attempts to smooth your campaign over the course of the day while still allowing you to spend your daily budget in full. This is default setting and most common selection for advertisers.

Accelerated delivery is good for running time-sensitive Promoted Tweets during live events, conferences, TV shows or sporting events, etc.







How Twitter Bid Per Engagement works?

When you create a campaign or click into a campaign to edit it, a suggested bid will appear next to the maximum bid once you enter a campaign budget, daily budget, and campaign start / end dates. If you change your campaign budget or daily budget, their suggested bid will update accordingly. Until you enter a maximum bid yourself, the maximum bid will automatically be filled in with the mid-point of the bid guidance.

Measure and Analyze Your Remarketing Campaign

After you have achieved your goal of reaching audiences for your remarketing effort Twitter Analytics Dashboard helps you analyze your effort across five key metrics.


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