Inspire Teens to Foster Brand Connect

InstagramTeens are seeking greater expression and Social Media has created the right platform for teens and young adults to reach out and connect with friends, family as well as keep up with Global issues. It’s not surprising that Social Video and Instagram are the format and network of choice for the age group.

Brands that are seeking to create and foster Brand Connect with younger audiences are looking at messaging that is aspirational and inspires Teens and Young Adults to reach their goals.

Facebook for Business shared results of findings from a study done by Crowd DNA  with 13-24 years age group, in 13 countries around the world — Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Norway, Sweden, the UK and the US.

The research was done with 11,000 respondents and the findings across the countries corroborates that the universal truths about growing up remain the same.


The study looks at the Selfie obsessed, mobile-first and always connected multi-screening generation.

Overwhelmingly Optimistic

The generation is overwhelmingly optimistic with 72% of them looking at the bright side of life.

The respondents tend to value happiness. In fact, they ranked being happy as more important than other circumstances including “being financially independent,” “being part of a loving family” and “discovering my interests and skills.”

Globally Conscious

Almost three-fourths of the respondents are open-minded and want to know more about the culture of other countries, while 59 % are concerned over global issues.

“It’s quite important to be exposed to other cultures so you’re aware of other people’s perspectives on life, and how they go about their day.” — Jacob, age 21, research participant from Australia

Forward looking

Teens and Young Adults embrace hard work with 61% eager to work hard and a majority of them are looking at building their savings.

Connected Devices, Connected People


“The digital world allows us to live experiences with friends even though we are distant.” — Harumi, age 18, research participant from Brazil.
In short, the researchers discovered this generation wants to explore everything that’s new, to express themselves in ways their parents never thought possible, to be independent, to create and say “This is me!”

Most Teens and Young Adults see Social Media as a means to connect with friends and family and are keen to connect with distant friends which allows them to express themselves in newer ways.
In a similar study published a report states that “teens enjoy an intimate and authentic experience with YouTube celebrities, who aren’t subject to image strategies carefully orchestrated by PR pros.”

Connecting with teens for Brands requires them to inspire the Teens and present situations that requires them to express themselves in ways that will help them embrace the Global challenges.

  • Teens connect better with Brands that inspire them and prove to be a source of information as well as validate their efforts while they are transitioning from one stage to another.
  • Content that gives them inspiration with stories, resonates better with the teens as they see it as inspiration to achieve their own goals. Campaigns messaging and the relevant Hashtag has to inspire the young adults to create and foster Brand Connect.
  • Teens are optimistic and they are seeking endorsement for their optimism with the Brand Content. Content that builds a bridge with the Teens’ aspiration is more likely to bring the much sought after engagement.

A good example of Targeting the younger age group with Inspiring messaging will be Under Armour campaign #IWillWhatIWant



Credits: Facebook for Business, Crowd.DNA, MarketingCharts and Time