Improve Your Ad Response Rates With Facebook’s New Ad Campaign Structure

Response Driven Advertisers have a new reason to rejoice as Facebook now allows you to Target Audiences at an Ad Set level.

In case you are planning to run a Brand only campaign and a Tactical promotion push, here is a great way to create campaigns with different  creative at an Ad Set Level for your Brand and create an ad set that could provide a significant tactical push for your product.

Brand Marketers can rejoice as this helps them measure and attribute direct response for Brand Campaigns as opposed to Response Driven Advertising where the consumers are more likely to visit your website for seasonal offers and discounts.

The Ad creative can be defined at the ad set level. This means you get to define the brand messaging, text, links and videos at the ad set level with different campaign creatives for each ad set. You can go ahead and create campaigns with different links to understand how your Target Audience is responding to different Campaign creatives for the defined campaign objective.


To understand how the Facebook Campaign structure works, please visit Facebook for Business.
The Key takeaways for Brands looking at optimizing Campaigns on Facebook.
  • The key difference will be that you are now Targeting different audiences with the Targeting options available helping you determine the audience segment that works best for the type of campaign results you are seeking. As a Marketer you can create more effective Audience Segments based on Targeting rather than optimizing bid levels. This will be particularly helpful if you are targeting audience based on their purchase behavior.
  • Creative Optimization within segments will now be possible as Ad Creatives will be optimized based on response rates across by in-built Facebook Advertising Campaign Optimization.
  • Creative and Content that works best for your Campaign and business objective for different audience segments. This could be specifically useful for audience segments where targeted audiences are consuming content across devices and in different contexts.

Source: Facebook For Business