Harness the Power of Custom Audiences to Increase Your Campaign’s Reach

postblurbYou are a Retail Brand looking at optimizing your campaigns for  Holiday Season.

You are an established retailer and would like to take your brand to newer markets.

You are an existing brand with a large share of local national market but are aiming for a regional or a global launch. You have decided to go digital first.

You are ready with your campaign and are looking at maximizing returns on your advertising dollar.

Before you decide on the channels and networks as well as the strategy it is important to know that your campaigns are likely to work better in combination.

In a Case Study shared by Sales Force Marketing Cloud and Facebook, an online retail brand found that Email Marketing combined with Facebook Ads gave them better results than either standalone channel for an Online Retail Brand. Combination of Channels is effective when there is a large segment being exposed to messaging in two different channels for greater reach . Email alone created a greater intent to purchase whereas Facebook gave incremental reach of 77 %.


Facebook ads will increase the reach and the Targeted Audience for the campaign which is based on actual purchase data for the retailer.


Facebook Ads extended the reach by 77 % giving retailer the targeted audience that was not available with Email Marketing campaign. Facebook Advertising gave additional unduplicated reach that was not available with email only. This is possible with Facebook Lookalike Audience which lets you create a likely profile of your targeted buyer.


In addition to gaining the additional reach, the intent to purchase for the email openers increased by 22 %.


If you are looking at newer markets you will do well to target websites and create a profile of your customers based on the purchase data for competition brands. Now you have the same data available on other networks that let you create Custom audiences as well as Lookalike Audiences.