@Totally Not There – Taco Bell Launches App

Taco Bell  launched an APP that let’s you customize your order, Browse the Menu and select a pick-up method when you arrive and check-out with a credit card. The app also includes a feature dubbed “rotate to reorder,” which pulls up past orders when a phone is held horizontally.  The messaging for the campaign is ” Customers can now order tacos, burritos and chalupas from the chain’s new mobile app.” A social media stunt with no messaging on Taco Bell’s Social Media Accounts and a twitter handle of @Totally not there, created astronomical buzz for the app.

The Launch is unique as the Social Media accounts were with no messaging in the profile pages. The Twitter Account has 1.4 Million Users, Facebook has over 10 Million likes and Instagram  has 480,000 followers.




Taco Bell has earlier launched the Snap Chat campaign. A 15 Sec TV ad promoting app downloads has been created to support the launch.



Starbucks has launched a Mobile App in 2009 which has over 8 Million users now, with over four million mobile payments per week.






Source: Adweek