Starbucks Delivered Hot to Your Desk!

From the makers of a popular app, here comes an all new popular feature  “Starbucks Delivery Service” in an App. The retail apps have gained popularity with launch of special offers and the ease of claiming rewards with apps.

A similar app for loyal customers in the Lifestyle segment Walmart- Savings Catcher gives customers assurance of the lowest price in the area. If a lower price is found the difference is returned to the customers as a Reward on Walmart Rewards e-Gift Card.


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“Imagine the ability to create a standing order of Starbucks delivered hot to your desk daily,”Chief Executive Howard Schultz told investors.

Schultz announced that, starting in the second half of 2015, Starbucks will bring its food and drinks directly to customers in select markets.

“Starbucks fans in need of latte’s and frapuccinos won’t have to leave their homes or offices in the near future. The delivery service will be available through Starbucks Corp.’s mobile app, which currently lets customers pay at the store through their phone”.

In a similar move to create greater engagement, Domino’s Pizza the world recognized leader in Pizza delivery offered it’s customers something to rejoice about this Halloween, as the customers  could use Domino’s ordering apps using Easy Order with Domino’s enhanced online ordering profiles platform. Domino’s Pizza has added Voice ordering Service to the app recently.

To keep the Group ordering organized for Halloween parties customers could use Domino’s Group Ordering Tool, which is a fast and easy feature on that calculates an estimate of the number of pizzas needed to feed a specific amount of people.


Source: Market Watch & App Annie