Consumer Insights for Holiday Season Campaigns

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Online sales during the Holiday Season are likely to grow by 8-11% over last year according to National Retail Foundation. In a survey conducted by PunchTab, with 1,143 U.S. consumers in September 2014 to study Holiday Season Shopping trends, the Consumer segments were found to be varied based on their holiday shopping behavior and channels.

Consumer Insights
Five key insights to guide your shopping campaigns

Include a review of product online as most customers are undecided and rely on various sources of information to zero in on the purchase. Including a review and ratings section on your product page will help buyers decide on the product at the right time. Highlight any associated discounts and rewards.

Customize your creative to the targeted audience and timing your creative is important as the generational differences impact the time the different segments shop thus it is important to time your creative and customize offers depending on the time the segments plan to purchase during the holiday season.

Multi-screening is an important phenomenon and cannot be ignored. With retailers matching prices in-store, reverse showrooming is a rising trend as most retailers are offering better prices in-store. The advertising budget allocation therefore needs to be according to the role each device plays in the buyer journey.

Discounts and Rewards play a great role in influencing where the shopping dollar is spent. Designing programs and campaigns that create a buzz in the  network of choice will get a greater share of spend from the shoppers. Designing campaigns that  make the holiday season shopping convenient is key in influencing purchases.


Source: Consumer Holiday Shopping