Your Facebook News feed Is More Customized … Appealing Content is All Pervasive

Un-follow and Re-follow People, Pages and Groups

News feed gives you an option to Un-Follow and Re-Follow people, pages and groups with a simple click. You can also see a summary of top posts and pages that you liked to see more of similar posts.

New ways to give feedback about your News Feed

If there is a story that does not appeal to you, you could hide it and you will see less from that person or Page.
If you do not like a story you would see less from the page with a choice to un-follow the page and person.

Key Takeaways

Content Appeal

Is your Content Appealing to your Audience.
Brands and business pages that seek to appear on top of the News feed need to be relevant and interesting. Simply crowding out your fans News Feed may get negative results.

Less is More
Brands that prove to be more engaging with the content with fewer posts are likely to retain fans and engage audiences with their posts.

Fan Engagement

Engaging your fans with Images and Appealing Content in your posts can create more engaged users leading to fewer hidden stories.

Post Format Matters

Post format found to be more engaging for your category may be important to keep audience and fans from hiding your posts.

News Feed settings will be available starting today on desktop and mobile. The new options for giving feedback about your News Feed will be available today on desktop, and coming to mobile in the coming weeks.