Seasonal Campaigns

Black Friday Deals are already available on Best and other retailers. Some of the tactics that you can use to promote your offers:

Remarketing – Create Google AdWords campaign and utilize strategy to target audiences who may have recently visited your online store looking for offers.

Use Twitter Remarketing tag with your website to create Tailored Audiences to promote your offers.

Location- Based Marketing: Use Ads with local relevance to promote offers in an area with Google location marketing Tool and Facebook Local Awareness ads.

Contests – As suggested by Entrepreneur, Encourage your Instagram fans and customers to take pictures of themselves with products that they purchase from your website and include a special branded hashtag in the pictures to be entered into a drawing to win a gift certificate. The opportunities are endless. Get creative, because the user base is there just waiting to engage with your brand.

Here is an Infographic that will help you understand the importance of Mobile in your seasonal campaigns.


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