Campaign Optimization For Always-on Shopping



The Digital Buyer who has an always on approach to shopping in a multi-screen world requires a newer approach for campaign optimization. This is especially true for the holiday season shopping where shoppers are influenced at multiple touch-points before the decision is made.

Social sharing and discovery on social networks plays a critical role with nearly 33 percent of Target Audience turning to Facebook or Twitter for deciding on the purchase and nearly 40 percent looking at emails prior to consideration phase.

Adding to this, is the newest technology addition of Beacons that can connect the audience to availability in store as well as guide them close to the best bargain available in the category of choice. The Beacons are personalized to the extent that it has a possible facial recognition built-in which identifies customers after they walk into the store.

Target has introduced a similar integration of Technology for all the stores in the US where the shopper can check availability of the product in store at location while shopping. The App has been updated with the Store Mode platform implemented by Bellevue, Washington-based Point Inside for the retailer in its 1801 stores in the U.S. The Customer can also make purchases from the wish list with a buy now button while in-store.

Here is a video from another Beacon service provider which showcases the Shop Beacon User Experience.

Optimize your Campaign for the Always-On Shopper

Use Facebook Multi- product ads targeting website visitors with custom audiences.

Facebook has introduced multi-product ads that let retailers promote up-to three products in Facebook ads with custom audiences. Each product highlighted will have its own image, description and click target. For retailers this is an excellent opportunity to showcase products in different categories for the shoppers who rely on their News Feed for information on sales, deals and discounts.


 Promote Your Tweets with Trending Topics

Holiday time trending topics for Tweets such as #Thanksgivingdinner may prove effective in getting the shopper’s attention.



Include Posts in Instagram that are dedicated to a theme during the Holiday season. Instagram is a visual medium that is effective in engaging audiences on the go.

Email marketing

Promote your offers early with the right messaging to get the buyers attention. Include the key offers in your email with a persuasive subject line.


Increase Your Campaign Reach with the relevant optimization techniques with SEO and Display Ads targeting the audiences on the device of their choice.