Twitter Shoppers Start Early and Influence Purchases

Twitter users start shopping earlier than other customers and the buzz is highly correlated with the sales. According to a Study published by Twitter and conducted by DB5, 54 % of Users said that the promotions they see on Twitter drives them to buy.



Here are some Marketing Takeaways that can help you boost your campaign

Launch your holiday campaign soon to make sure your products command attention: 54% of users said that seeing an advertised offer made them more likely to buy a product. When creating your ads, keep in mind that

1 Great Prices are the biggest draw.

2 Positive reviews are what users say most influences their likelihood to purchase.

Don’t forget to make your landing page mobile-friendly: seven out of ten Twitter users who purchase gifts online have used a mobile device to do so.conversation about your brand when shopping is top of mind, such as on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Try a limited time offer. According to  research, most Twitter users plan to take advantage of limited time offers they see on the platform this season.

Twitter Buzz

Analyze your Tweets and promote the ad types that work well for you.

Once you’ve launched your campaign, monitor results daily to determine which ad content, format and targeting work best, and optimize accordingly. Then scale your efforts by encouraging users to Tweet about the gifts they’re buying or have received. Tweets from friends and family play an important role in influencing a purchase.

Twitter Purchase