Shoppers Embrace Local Business offers and Location Based Marketing

According to a research study by Nielsen, for Yelp the key triggers for sales and drivers for retail business the shoppers are enthusiastic about making Gift purchases and Holiday Shopping starts  as early as Thanksgiving. Nearly Eighty percent of the shoppers will prefer to purchase gifts from Local Businesses and as high as 44 percent will start shopping around Thanksgiving. Here’s an interesting infographic for consumer insights generated from the research.



Location Based Marketing with in store promotions and offers, with technology that beams location specific offers to the shopper has proven to be effective with over 60 percent engaging with the offers.



This holiday season could bring joy to Small retailers who are looking at promoting offers with Beacon services that are available from Beacon Service providers that relies on Blue-tooth or a WiFi ping back.

According to a report, Beacon marketing campaigns are influencing shopper behavior

-73 percent of shoppers surveyed said that beacon-triggered content and offers increased the likelihood to purchase during their store visit

-61 percent said they would do more holiday shopping at stores that delivered mobile content and offers while they shop

-61 percent said they would visit a store with beacon marketing campaigns more often

-60 percent said they would buy more as a result of receiving beacon-triggered marketing messages


In a similar effort for a brand that promoted its product with location-based offers, saw an increase in purchase intent as well as a significant sales lift.The goal for Hillshire Brands  was to drive sales of its American Craft Link Sausages product and, according to the numbers, it worked.

Hillshire brands in partnership with the beacon service provider inMarket designed a mobile-first campaign that leveraged beacon and geofence technology to identify potential customers in-store and serve them relevant, timely information that they could use immediately to shop. Consumers were alerted of American Craft in-store, and were offered them the opportunity to add the product to their shopping list, earn points for engaging with the product or coupons for purchase.

Hillshire Brands witnessed a 20x increase in purchase intent representing a “500% increase over the CPG average for mobile ad engagement.”

inMarket reached around 31.5 million unique monthly visits, according to comScore’s data, which means the platform reaches roughly 18% of all U.S. mobile users through existing apps that support the platform.

A beacon network connects app developers, brands, and retailers, which opens up a potential base of 30 million plus monthly users for apps that are already installed on the phones and allow retailers to promote with the use of iBeacons.