Google Shopping Campaigns Score Conversions on Cyber Monday

Google Shopping Campaigns and Product Listing Ads are designed to increase visibility for specific products linked to a shopping campaign or a season with a targeted demographic and flexibility of targeting on specific devices.

The seasonal trend is reflected in spikes in Search Advertising during the peak shopping days and the results of the campaign for Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have yielded a higher conversion rate, according to a Kenshoo report, with conversions peaking at 6 % on Cyber Monday.PLA-Conversion-Rate
In sync with the trend for higher conversions the spending from business and brands has moved to days that are likely to show a seasonal spike and the budgets for the year moved from Cyber Monday to Black Friday.

As reported by Kenshoo Google Shopping Campaigns increased spend was highest  on Thanksgiving  an increase of 143 percent, followed by Black Friday an increase of 113 percent, and finally Cyber Monday an increase of 59 percent.
Google Shopping Campaigns is designed to optimize campaigns for a specific period linked to categories and Keywords with options to  customize the ads that are served to online shoppers.




Recently Google Shopping Campaigns hosted a Google HOA to help brands with Shopping Campaigns and added a diagnostic Merchant Tab replacing Data Quality tab, that lets you detect problems that may prevent you campaign from being deployed effectively and helps you gain better insight. Here is a product video to guide you through Google Shopping Campaigns.



Source: Kenshoo, Google