Facebook Updates Search Gets Granular With Keywords

friendsYou can now search for anything on Facebook with the updated search. It will be easier to locate any of your friends and look for any posts that may have been posted earlier.

Graph Search is rolling out on iOS in the US along with a new keyword search option for dredging up old News Feed posts by friends. For advertising on Facebook this could mean Keyword Targeting on Facebook will become easier and the Graph Search that was available on the web will now be available for iOS devices as well. Though for now Facebook has ruled out Mobile Search Ads or Keyword Ads.

The New Keyword Graph Search highlights the Keywords you are looking for now. The results are ranked with a personalization algorithm that combines the prevalence of keywords with a News Feed-style ranking based on how close you are with the author and other signals. Posts show up in a feed design with the keywords highlighted blue, and spelling correction lends a hand. If the results are photos, you can browse them in an immersive photo-viewer interface.

Facebook makes it easier to find any post that you may have seen before.


“Relive the most important memories of your life. Now you can use Facebook Search to find photos, posts, videos, and links by searching for words in the post.”

You can look for specific words or phrases helping to recover any of the earlier posts that you are looking for.

You can find friends with easy to Search options or look for recommendations and the sentiment shared by your friends for a certain place or activity. It does not however search through posts that are public or shared by pages.



Source: Facebook and TechCrunch