Twitter Introduces Segment Based Tailored Audiences In Mobile App Promotion

Twitter introduces Segment Based Tailored Audiences in Mobile App Promotion, making it easier for Mobile App Advertisers to Create App specific Engagement Campaigns linked to App Installs, Purchase or sign-ups. Mobile App Promotion product suite now includes action linked audience segments that will help App advertisers target specific segments linked to App Actions. The product enhancement will help App Advertisers sharply target the audience to promote a specific action for the app leading to an improved ROI from the campaign.

With Tailored Audiences, you can target users who have not installed your app and other high value users who are of the same profile as who have currently installed the app.


The App Engagement Campaign can help you target audiences at different stages of the funnel. In case the app has been installed, the App engagement campaign can help you take it a step forward encouraging audiences to sign up and make necessary purchases.


Twitter Enhances Mobile App Promotion Campaign

Targeting – Targeting with Twitter Mobile APP Promotion campaign is easy allowing you to target from Lists, Website Visitors or from your Mobile App users. You can use any of Twitter’s primary targeting types to target users, including keyword targeting, interest targeting, TV targeting, or tailored audiences targeting.


Advertising – Create an App Card that will grab the attention of your audience. Here are examples of Twitter Cards for Dunkin’ Donuts Reward Program linked to an App.



App Card Example


Tailored Audiences

Creating Tailored Audiences linked to App Actions is easy to do and possible by simply enabling “Answer” or through a Mobile App Measurement partner.


Tailored Audiences from mobile apps is now available on the Twitter Ads conversion tracking page to all advertisers globally.

The Calls-to Action in an App Card may vary depending on the action desired from the targeted audience. In case the desired action is purchases or sales the appropriate call to action needs to be added “Buy Now”.


Source: Twitter