Mobile Advertising Trends from A Global Study

According to a study SMA by Opera Mediaworks, iOS devices contribute to over 50 percent of Mobile Advertising Revenue and Android is the leading traffic generator at 57 percent. Social Networking as the leading vertical for Traffic generation with largest number of ad impressions and Music, Entertainment is the highest revenue generator. Health and fitness is notable for its traffic to revenue generations with revenue contribution at almost 2X of the impressions..


Mobile Video category has outperformed all other advertising formats by rising to almost 8.5 percent of Global Ad Impressions. Rich Media has grown from 11 percent in Q1 2014 to 15 percent in Q3 2014. The Mobile Video has grown from 2.5 percent to 8.75 percent making for more than 50 percent of Rich Media impressions.

mobile Video

Globally France has led the growth in Mobile Video at 37 percent and in the US One in Ten ad is now mobile Video. This is the rising star category amongst all ad formats and brands that have used Mobile Video effectively have been buzzed about.

Key Trends in Mobile Video

Entertainment and CPG Brands Contribute to 40 percent of Mobile Video Advertising Revenue.

Ideal Length for Mobile Video is less than 15 secs and accounts for nearly 50 percent of Ad impressions.




The eCPM for Mobile Video continues to be highest and is two times that of other formats which means that the medium is seen as more effective as it can capture the emotive elements in advertising better providing grater creative Latitude for Brands and Advertisers.


Video Ad Completion rates for In-apps advertising is highest for shopping, sports, social and health and fitness.



Entertainent, CPG, Electronics and Retail are the leading categories for Mobile Video advertising.

Ina case study shared by Opera Media, for a Retail Brand with Mobile ads in a Contextual environment with behavior targeting with local relevance the brand campaign delivered an engagement rate 48 percent higher that the industry benchmark.



Location-Powered Mobile Ads Infographic for CPG Brands By Verve.



Source: SMA Opera Mediaworks, 2014 Report