Tips For Mobile App Engagement Strategy

Audience segmentation in apps can help you deliver targeted, rich content to your mobile app audiences based on their in-app behaviors, preferences and location. With segmentation, you can deliver greater relevance by understanding users’ interests through explicitly stated preferences or implicit behavioral cues.

Providing contextually relevant, rich content drives repeat app visits and ongoing engagement to keep valuable app users coming back. As seen in the case of Holiday season engagement where mobile app engagement was used effectively to engage app users. According to Urban Airship, the Cyber Week and the week preceding the Cyber Week the adoption of mobile push messaging by retailers had a very positive response from shoppers:

Retailers sent 34% more push notifications compared to last year
More than one-third of all retail app opens were attributable to a push notification
Consumers’ engagement rate with push notifications doubled over the 2013 holiday season
App users were most engaged with notifications the Saturday before Thanksgiving


The image above gives a play-out of the push notification sent by a retailer. Here are five Key Steps to create an App Engagement Plan for your campaigns. The Key steps recommended by Urban Airship are:

Audience Segmentation can be based on the App behavior of the audience depending on the behavior of the users.AS1


Profile audiences based on their interests. Depending on the categories of interest the apps can use the profile to serve coupons and offers.



It is always better to inform audiences about the limited time offer availability and make it easier for them to use the offer.



For any time bound offers it is better to send a Timeline or a Deadline reminder.



The campaigns that generated best engagement were the ones that included last-minute gifts and shopping tips.



Holiday Tips to guide Your Engagement Strategy