Axe Unveils White Label on Social Media Channels

Axe has effectively used YouTube to announce a new range of grooming products – White Label, with 30 Sec Spots that are centered around the product benefit with the Tagline How You Feel Says It All. The Video content has been created to engage audiences with interactive annotations that are weaved in to the story line of the film with stylized text and font. The brand has announced the availability of products in stores on YouTube. Product information is available on a dedicated website for the range

A post on Facebook announces the hair styling product with a  spot for the new Axe White Label range of products.The post on Facebook featuring the hair styling cream has generated the best engagement  so far. The post on Instagram has featured the antiperspirant spray with a #TryDry.

An Instagram post for the brand earlier announced a likely launch with The Axe Redesigned.

To announce the launch of new collection the Dry Spray antiperspirant has been used to announce the first ever Dry Spray antiperspirant.

Axe had earlier launched a Brand Campaign in September that positioned the Brand as Fine Fragrances For Every Day, with advertisements themed around week days advising audiences not to save their best for the weekends.