Shop Now Call to Action For Facebook Pages and Buy Now Promoted Tweets Boost Social Commerce




As announced by Facebook earlier, the Call-To-Action button for pages with the seven different calls-to-action has started rolling out. The different CTAs available are:

Book Now
Contact Us
Use App
Play Game
Shop Now
Sign Up
Watch Video

Though Social networks play a large role in being a referral source for driving online commerce, however with direct call to action, it may be possible for brands to ascertain the direct impact of the network in influencing purchases, as in the case of Apps that are now considered an online sales channel.


The Call To Action on 1-800-Flowers Facebook page links to a banner on the brand site that announces special offer for Facebook Fans. The Code Needs to be entered at checkout. The process of purchase remains the same for the website.

The Buy Now CTA on Twitter in a Promoted Tweet offers a different user experience  allowing customers to log in and avail an offer by entering the details once on Twitter. The difference is that the purchase on Twitter is completed within the network whereas on Facebook it links to another site. The other difference is that Twitter call to action is available in a Tweet and thus can be targeted to a set of customers while the Facebook CTA has a broader appeal and is visible to all visitors of the Facebook page.



The Link to Twitter Card asks for Credit Card Details with the Shipping Address within Twitter itself and on check-out the data for the customer is stored so that you don not need to reenter the card details making it easier to avail offers on Twitter.