Key Learnings for Media Buyers and Sellers with Adoption of Viewability and in-Target Metrics

Twitterad2comScore has shared case studies to understand Best Practices for Media buyers and sellers with the adoption of newer Media Metrics of viewability and in-target. Whether you are buying programmatic or arriving at direct deals with publishers it is important to understand the metrics that can make your campaigns deliver more efficiently. In case you are a publisher you are constantly looking at improving performance of your campaigns to deliver better value to advertisers. comScore with its measuring platforms vCE and vME provides ways to improve campaign performance for buyers and sellers.


Three Key Learnings for Media Buyers

1. Optimizing for viewability and audience delivery significantly improves branding impact for advertisers
comScore has conducted and shared studies where campaigns optimizied for viewability and audience reach are more effective than campaigns optimized for gross impressions. In a case study shared by comScore for Conagra foods the campaigns delivered increase  in attribute awareness lift of up to 70 percent and increases of purchase intent lift of up to 30 percent.

2. Alignment with media sellers is critical to achieving campaign goals
comScore has investigated how Conagra foods achieves its targets by collaborating with the media partner Spark Communications by agreeing on Audience and Viewability goals and meeting the goals by ensuring publishers deliver the goals agreed upon with the right kind of media.

3. Integrated viewability and in-target reporting improves accuracy of performance data
Viewability alone may not be an adequate metric to measure campaign performance and it is often important to arrive at validated in-target metric for each audience segment to arrive at the right media mix for each segment. The viewability rates for each segment may vary for publishers and a generic rate cannot be applied to understand the performance of the campaign.

Campaign results for Conagra Foods 


Through increasing the validated and in-target rates for advertising campaigns,
ConAgra Foods was able to achieve notable increases in key performance
indicators. For the campaigns evaluated, ConAgra Foods saw increases in attribute
awareness lift of up to 70% and increases of purchase intent lift of up to 30%.


ConAgra Foods also achieved greater sales volume ROI and efficiency through
these validated and in-target rate guarantees.
In an analysis of a key display campaign, ConAgra Foods found that viewability
led to significant increases in two key ROI metrics: incremental sales volume
per impression and incremental sales volume per dollar spent.

ConAgra Foods compared these metrics calculated for both gross impressions and viewable
impressions, and found that incremental volume increased by 74% for in-view
impressions, while incremental volume per dollar increased by 39%.

Three Key Learnings for Media Sellers

1. Measurement can empower media sellers to improve their viewability pre-buy
While in-flight optimization is a useful strategy for many campaigns, publishers now have the tools they need to get ahead of their viewability and audience delivery. CafeMom used vME™ to identify key advertising inventory on their sites that had room for improvement, then tested new design strategies to bring up their viewability rates. Ultimately, CafeMom more than doubled the viewability of this inventory, greatly improving the value of one of its most common ad slots.

2. Alignment with media buyers is necessary throughout the campaign
When initially setting goals with the agency or advertiser, media sellers must know the quality of their inventory in order to set expectations for campaign delivery. However, alignment with media buyers does not stop there. Once goals are set and an evaluation process is in place, publishers should make sure they have access to the same campaign data that the agency or advertiser is using to track delivery. To facilitate optimizations, publishers on ConAgra’s media buy are given access to their data through the vCE® partner permissioning feature. This empowers publishers to make changes to ensure the quality of their delivery and to meet the audience and viewability guarantees throughout the campaign.

3. Consistent viewability depends on continuous inventory maintenance
To achieve optimal campaign results with all advertiser clients, it is important for media sellers to have a system for continuous monitoring and optimizing of their inventory. CafeMom has incorporated viewability monitoring into its standard processes, evaluating its vME™ data weekly to keep inventory performance up to its high viewability standards. This standard procedure ensures that advertisers are satisfied that their ads are running on high-quality inventory that will give their campaigns the opportunity to make an impact on their audience.