Marketer’s Dilemma – Mobile Search Paid Advertising or Mobile App Promotion

Best Buy has a particularly strong Product Listing Ad (PLA) program, which has put it ahead of its competition in Consumer Electronics and general paid search advertisers as well. Best Buy topped the ranking with USD 1.9 million in Paid Search spend, including USD 1.4 million devoted to Shopping Campaigns. The other sites that were enlisted as the Top spenders by AdGooroo are Walmart ($1.2 million), Kohl’s ($902,000), Target ($889,000) and Amazon ($837,000) rounded out the Top 5 positions.


Mobile Apps on the other hand are grabbing share of time with more engaged users. The Apps are seeing increased user retention and increased in-app advertising revenue. While allocating their budgets marketers need to keep in mind the user behavior to arrive at the right budgets for promoting the App or allocating budgets to PLAs.



If you are new to the App landscape Mobile App Install Campaign in Display Network can be highly useful.
“Mobile app installs” campaigns on the Display Network let you show ads to people while they’re already using apps similar to yours. Because these campaigns include default targeting, you’ll need to specify the devices, device models, and operating system version for the apps where your ad can appear.