Boost Your Campaign Success With Bid Adjustments

Google AdWords can help you manage your campaign successfully. If you are looking at optimizing conversions, managing your campaigns with Google AdWords can boost your campaign success targeting on-the-go customers with location extensions and the links.

Google Insights has shared American Apparel case study that can help your brand drive better in store results with Enhanced campaigns.

The results for American Apparel were significant with an

Increased mobile conversions rate by 100 percent
Increased click-through-rate by 7 percent

American Apparel is known for its passion and innovation in selling Apparel targeted at the Youth with 250 stores worldwide. American Apparel used campaigns to target audiences in the vicinity of the stores with locally relevant keywords.

Enhanced campaigns provides a flexible and precise way to optimize bids according to the users’ context such as device, location, time of day. The Company used the feature of identifying keywords with a local-intent such as variations of the keyword “American Apparel Store,” that catered to on-the-go shoppers.
Upgraded Site-links helped them identify the landing pages that were working the best and make adjustments accordingly. With proximity bidding the advertiser was able to increase the bids in the radius of physical store and increase conversions by 100 percent.


Source: Google AdWords