Best Practices Guide For Promoted Video On Twitter

twittervideo“Twitter Promoted Video” – a new way for brands to post videos that users can play in their timelines with a single tap. Promoted Video comes with robust targeting options and cost per view pricing, so you only pay when someone chooses to watch by clicking “play”. According to the Twitter Advertising blog, advertisers using Promoted Video have access to robust video analytics, including completion percentage and a breakout of organic vs. paid video views.

Twitter Promoted Video which has been tested by several brands has shown a 28 percent higher intent to purchase for Twitter Viewers in comparison with pre and mid-roll views in a program, as reported by a study conducted by Nielsen.

Best Practices Guide For Promoted Video by Twitter Advertising

Use a Thumbnail image with the Tweet Copy that breaks the clutter.

Create Tweet Copy so that it piques the interest of the audience so that they want to play the video as seen in Nike Soccer’s #RiskEverything.

Spark Conversations on Twitter with your content
One of the most exciting and unique aspects of Twitter is the real-time engagement it enables between consumers and brands. Use Promoted Video to start conversations with people interested in your content. Make sure that you have hashtags which can serve as a common thread in the conversation.

Optimize your video for Mobile

Video views are heavily skewed towards Mobile and require that your video shows well with contrast in imagery and close-ups.

Complement Twitter Video with TV Advertising

Use Twitter in sync with your TV advertising to maximize the audience Engagement. Footlocker used Promoted Video to distribute a TV commercial just as the spot began to air to maximize distribution and social sharing. The result: nearly 7,500 Retweets.

Twitter Amplify to reach Mass Audience

Use Twitter Amplify to distribute your message and be part of the excitement of TV.

Source: Twitter Advertising