Skittles’ Teaser Campaign

Skittles released a  teaser campaign spot for the Game day for the Super Bowl  building on the anticipation of the game with a Tagline “It Will Be settled”. NBC is charging a reported USD 4.5 million per 30-second spot in Super Bowl XLIX, which will be played Feb. 1 in Glendale, Ariz. Skittles will run one commercial during the first half of the game. Skittles’ hope, of course, is the commercial will get a lot of traction online, long after the game.

Skittles has engaged fans on Facebook with a Social media post encouraging audiences to cheer for Seattle Seahawks and  has posted the teaser on Facebook Fan Page with over 26 million likes and promoted the video on Twitter.

The Teaser Ad is in the form of Story-building urges the audience to find out more about the ad spot and the outcome of the game.

“During Super Bowl XLIX, the townspeople of this sleepy town will take matters into their own hand and ‪#‎SettleIt‬.”

According to AdWeek, the Super Bowl teaser Skittles is releasing  on YouTube, the men and women of a dusty little U.S. outpost show off bulbous right arms worthy of body builders as they fix cars, cook, serve food and eat in the local diner. A ringing town bell appears to be a call to action, with the final shot showing a man hopping out of a barber’s chair, ready for a fight. There is no soundtrack except for the sound of the bell and a whoop at the end. The final frames conclude with “Super Bowl Sunday” and “It will be settled.”

The Tweet promoting the video has tweet copy customized for audience following the game with the hashtag #settleit.


In a comment posted by Chicago Tribune, “It’s all about entertaining the viewers and the Skittles fans, and doing that in a humorous way,” said Matt Montei, senior marketing director at Chicago-based Wrigley, which owns the Skittles brand.

“You can never predict what will happen in the social space,” Montei said. “We start with really strong creative that we plan to air on TV and then we try to extend the conversation online and on YouTube.”

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Source: AdWeek and Chicago Tribune