Nissan Celebrates Fathers With #withdad Campaign


NissanNissan for the first time in 18 years will feature an ad in Super Bowl and has released With Dad campaign to celebrate the role of fathers in a family. Seven YouTube stars, including Roman Atwood, Action Movie Kid, Dude Perfect and Jabbawockeez, are creating their own videos around the theme #withdad. And while the videos are all visually different and therefore not illustrative of the Big Game ad, they suggest a unifying theme: how fathers make families more exciting.

According to the copy on YouTube Channel for Nissan, “We recognize the difficult task of balancing work and life for families everywhere. That’s why our #withdad campaign brings this very real struggle to life. #withdad is a celebration of and inspiration for dads who find innovative and exciting ways to make life better for their kids and families.

Check back between now and Sunday, February 1st to see more #withdad videos. And, come back after the big game on Sunday to see our commercial and more incredible #withdad content.”

Nissan with the YouTube widget #withdad hopes to spark a social media engagement, while withholding the creative for the big game.

According to an AdWeek report, “Neither the company nor the agency will release the execution before the Feb. 1 game. But it’s expected to be at least 60 seconds long and air during the first half.

The #withdad is featured in Late Night Show with Seth Myers with an announcement of the commercial.