Super Bowl Advertising and Audience Engagement


Brands in the Food and Snacking category have audience engagement techniques that go beyond advertising. The teaser campaign for Snickers promotes a special episode asking viewers to tune in for a show and follow #EataSnickers, with the lead-in for a new ad spot coming soon.

Snickers which is positioned as a complete meal rather than a snack has earlier used the Tagline “Snickers Satisfies” to communicate the properties of hunger filling bar that combines chocolate, nougat and peanuts to make a wholesome food snack.

In another campaign to be aired in the western states Carl’s Jr. is promoting an all natural burger with grass-fed all natural beef with no added steroids and preservatives.

The tactics followed by the brands in Food category varies depending on the key communication priority in one of the most watched advertising on Television with more than 110 Million viewers, as reported for the Super Bowl in 2014.

PepsiCo has continued to promote and engage with #CrashTheSuperBowl inviting audiences to vote for the commercial of choice, which has been created by audiences promising a contest prize of USD One Million.