Five Super Bowl Advertising Trends

According to an Adobe Digital Index  report published Five trends that are likely to dominate Super Bowl Advertising are:

Social Media Buzz for Campaigns is getting Bigger.

According to Media Post, Facebook claims to have reached 170 Million people last year with Facebook interactions about the big game in comparison with 110 Million people reached by Television alone.

The Buzz for campaigns in Social Media has generated digital buzz for campaigns in the week preceding the big game.


TV Everywhere Phenomenon is Skyrocketing

With viewers being able t view digital content on Internet advertising on traditional broadcast medium may not be the right way to buy for any big sports event. It is important to account for viewers as ADI research shows that consumption of Digital Content went up by 108 percent for TV Everywhere.

Mobile is increasingly important

More than a third of the views for big sports events during 2014 came from Mobile and according to ADI half of advertisers’ traffic for Sunday big game will be from Mobile devices.



International Views are almost one-fifth

Viewers who view creative globally are increasing and according to Adobe Digital Index it is as high as 21 percent.

Creative Is Important

As important as it is to have your Digital Strategy in place, a creative that reverberates with the audience, is equally important.