Red Bull’s Video Content Breaks Newer Grounds and Celebrates Milestone of One Billion Views

Red Bull celebrates the One Billion Views and the number of Fans being added for the brand in the last one month speaks volumes about the Brand engagement strategy in Social Media.

Red Bull with a large Fan base is one of the leading beverages adding fans to Facebook. Among other brands that are gaining popularity in social media are Nescafe and Monster Energy.



The content strategy for Red Bull combines action packed videos in Social Media that provide a viewing thrill making the positioning “Red Bull Gives You Wings” seem more believable.

For distributing its video content Red Bull is now using Facebook Video More effectively, combining TV as in the case of Twitter for engaging  Multi-screen users.

Red Bull has earlier run events that combine action-packed thrills with events that are heavily subscribed to on YouTube and have generated terrific engagement. The Audience engagement for one such event generated 8 Million views and  900,000 Facebook interactions, including 83,000 shares.interactions and according to eConsultancy, in the six months immediately following the jump, sales of Red Bull rose 7% to $1.6bn in the US, and newer target markets were acquired.

To know more about Facebook Video Best practices shared by Facebook Media, Click Here. According to AdWeek, Facebook has added a new video analytics tool that will help Brand marketers ascertain the effectiveness of Brand Advertising with a better attribution.

The new Analytics tool, Lift will study the control group and the group exposed to ads to see if Facebook ads worked. Facebook is measuring the incremental increase in sales provided by its ads, so it is trying to highlight the effect that seeing an ad on the social network had on the end result, not the cumulative effect of all digital ads before the last click.

It does this by measuring the control group’s tendency to buy a product versus the group exposed to the Facebook ad.