From Conversation To Conversions to Google Analytics Blog, the Sunday before Valentine’s Day sees the biggest spike in week-over-week transactions with an average increase of 10 percent.  The same holds true for conversion rates and sessions, with an average increase of 6 percent and 4 percent respectively.  Besides a week-over-week increase, the transactions are 5 percent higher on that day than for the average Sunday in the quarter.  The growth in transactions could indicate that consumers are using that Sunday to find and purchase their gifts, making it a good opportunity to invest in getting consumers to your site for some Valentine’s Day shopping.  If you plan to invest in advertising for this holiday, one way to prepare for Valentine’s Day is to adjust your bids.



For Business looking at newer avenues to tap into, to grow the e-commerce revenues and online sales Amazon’s Third party – Marketplace may seem to be the right place with YOY growth rate of 33 percent.



Another way to increase online sales is including a Buy Now or Shop Now CTA in your social media marketing either within a Facebook Post or Advertisement or a Promoted Tweet.

Brands could also drive conversions with Content that is targeted at shoppers with the theme of Valentine’s Day.

Dairy Queen has engaged users on Twitter with an interesting Infographic.