Quick Promote From Twitter For SmallBiz

Quick Promote from Twitter can help you amplify your best performing Tweets directly from the Tweet activity dashboard. Promoting a Tweet takes just a few clicks and your Tweet will automatically be targeted to users who have interests similar to your followers — the audience that is most likely to be interested in your message.

Whether you’re Tweeting about a new product, promotion or blog post, Promoted Tweets can help you drive measurable business results. Twitter has analyzed results and found that audiences respond with a 32 percent click-through rate or website visits for Small and Medium businesses.


Getting started with quick promote is easy, once you’re logged into your Tweet activity dashboard.

  1. Select a Tweet to promote. You can go with a Tweet that has a high number of total impressions and engagement rate.
  2. Choose a budget. Twitter helps you in identifying the right budget. If you haven’t yet signed up for Twitter Ads, follow the prompt in the Tweet activity dashboard to set up your account.
  3. Watch users engage with your Tweet in real-time, and optimize your content strategy to drive more of your desired actions, like Retweets or URL clicks.