Super Markets Leading in Social Influence Engage with Facebook Promotions

According to a report published by Lithium Top Ten Super Markets leading in Social Influence have an active engagement strategy.

First place goes to Whole Foods, Kroger takes second, while H-E-B ranks third. Whole Foods leads the pack with frequency of posts as they post recipes and tips multiple times a day for their followers.The recipes are positioned to drive home the wellness messaging. They also leverage visual imagery and video for 3.9 million Twitter followers.

Kroger has 81,000 Twitter followers and the social positioning is around the value proposition reverberating the brand’s tagline “Great food. Low prices”.

H-E-B ranked third, has 100,000 Twitter followers and also takes an active, strategic role in providing their followers with the latest info on the brand, coupons, and giveaways. Videos and images play a strong role in keeping their followers connected with recipes, tips and meal ideas.

We have taken a look at the engagement the brands are generating for Valentine’s day. The strategy followed is similar to the overall engagement strategy with Kroger leading in integrating Social Selling with “Shop Now” button, which links to the Digital Coupons.

Facebook Video is also integrated in the Social strategy alongside questions posed to the audience.

Chocolate Flavored strawberries and Flowers are key products that Super Markets are engaging audiences with.
Whole Foods has integrated Valentine’s day ideas with “How-To” Videos that engage audiences with some easy to do tips to make the Valentine’s day more romantic.


Kroger has added a “Shop Now” Button and focussed on making the products more desirable with engaging posts while boosting the freshness positioning.


H-E-B has stayed with product-centric engagement boasting a passion for perfection with expertise as the unique proposition.


Safeway has tried to deliver value while co-promoting with gift cards.