Instagram Video Doubles Engagement

Instagram Video has increased engagement with Audiences by nearly doubling the number of interactions. According to Shareablee, It has more than doubled total interactions (pre-launch: 2Billion vs. post-launch+ 4.6Billion) and increased audience interaction on video posts by 90 percent (across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). Whether you repurpose your video content or regram the content of others (make sure you give credit to the original source), video is a significant and growing way to engage the audience.

Seven Ways to Engage Audiences on Instagram
Promote Your Instagram Account with Links posted on Facebook

Mercedes-Benz USA placed its focus on driving its engaged Facebook fans to the brand’s Instagram page, and saw a 260 percent growth in social actions. Mercedes’ Facebook posts including links to its Instagram account made up 39 percent of the brand’s total content, which then drove 45 percent of the brand’s total engagement and boosted total actions by 91 percent year over year on Facebook.


Regramming Makes For More Buzz

Starbucks recently regrammed a stop-motion clip by Rachel Ryle which received 197,000 likes and comments within the first week. Regram visually compelling videos from other sources to increase your Instagram crediblity and your brand’s visibility on the platform (make sure credit is given to the original source of the video).

Create Posts that engage Audiences with Mass Appeal Offers

Offers that appeal to a larger set of audiences with discounts, value deals and shopping benefits are likely to ring in greater engagement with more likes and comments.

Use Questions Sparingly, instead showcase Video Content directing audiences to a dedicated Video Channel

A few brands have successfully engaged audiences with questions. Foot Locker has had some success by using questions in 16 percent of posts, which drove 17 percent of engagement. Questions should be used sparingly and are more effective when engaging the audience for their opinions about an image or product featured in the post.

Video Engagement as seen in the case of GoPro creates greater engagement by showcasing moments or event clippings that encourage audiences to want to know more.

Use Brand Images that Resonate


The visuals and imagery used for Instagram posts must resonate with the younger audience as they are more connected with the visual medium.

Use Hashtags To Engage Audiences

Hashtags may be unique to your brand or generic with a broader appeal, but help engage audiences with a similar interest across the network and create a common conversation thread. Use of Hashtags can help create greater buzz for your audience.

Use Video to Promote your Commercial

Posting your commercial on Instagram can garner audience engagement prior to the airing or distribution of the advertising.

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