Audience Engagement With Instagram Contest

EngagementInstagram with 300 Million accounts networks a global community sharing over 70 Million Photos and videos.

In a report by Forrester Research, Instagram generates the highest engagement per user among seven social networks analyzed.

Using Instagram for promoting your business and engaging your customers can be done with simple like to win contests or contests that require customers to post their images and videos with a hashtag.

Like or Follow to Win

In a “like or follow to win” contest, simply ask for an Instagram user to follow the account or like an update. All those who do so will be entered into the contest.


Hashtag User Generated Contest

For a hashtag user-generated content (UGC) contest, create a contest-specific hashtag and ask participants to share a photo or video using that hashtag to enter.

Create an Email Gated contest

To run an email-gated Instagram contest, ask participants for their email address to enter. An email-gated contest can ask for a follow or UGC in addition to the email lead.

Use Video and Images For Engagement

Ask your followers to create a short form video with a hashtag that you can regram to your Instagram.

Ask followers and fans to participate by uploading images with a hashtag.


Regram and share posts of participants as seen in the post for Starbucks

Link the contest to a Brand Challenge with a Prize and announce it on Instagram

Engagement on Instagram can be linked to specific target with posts that build on the contest theme.

Youfit Health Clubs Join the Youfit Challenge – 60 days to a better you! Winner is the greatest percentage of weight loss wins $5,000 grand prize.

Link Instagram Contest  to your Rewards Program or Giveaways

Ask participants to take a pic with your brand or product for participation. This can be a good way of showcasing your product range for building brand awareness.