Adidas Launches New Brand Campaign

“The last goal? Doesn’t matter. The last victory? Already forgotten. Yesterday is gone. Lost in the record books. But today is up for grabs. Unpredictable. Unwritten. Undecided. Now is ours. Do something, and be remembered. Or do nothing, and be forgotten. No one owns today. Take it.”

Adidas’ new brand campaign continues with the brand voice during the world cup that inspires audiences to seize the moment in their lives. Adidas has launched the video advertisement on YouTube and Facebook on Feb 13th and the video advert has been viewed over 6 Million times and the same advertisement on Facebook has achieved 3 Million views.

The brand positioning continues to be the one that inspires the young audiences to take on newer challenges in life. The creative message from the film,  Every split second in sports presents a new chance for you to redefine yourself and your team.

Adidas has used the moment suitably to launch a new range of shoes available this summer.