Insights for Short-form Video Advertising Creative

Brands looking at creating Short-Form video to achieve their advertising goals can benefit from Millward Brown’s research insights on short-form or micro-video. Messaging and creative play an important role in getting your idea across to the audience.

Loops create an engagement

According to the research, the engagement is on account of repetition in the creative. Repetition creates positive feedback where the repeated event is found more familiar and engaging.The example shared for Lowe’s, one of the most successful brands on Vine, Lowe’s the home improvement store has the element of repetition built-in. An important part of video loop is the way the visuals seamlessly loop from back to the beginning.

Deliver a single-minded impression

Millward Brown’s research finds that multiple messages undermine the effectiveness of 30 second ads, never mind 6 second ones. One of the Vines tested by Millward-Brown gets the single-minded message across with  Nissan GT-R asking who needs 6 seconds when the GT-R goes from 0-60 in 2.7 seconds.

Brand beyond the banner

As important as it is to focus on the product, it is equally important to create a branded impression to create an affinity for your brand in the short time. Use the colors and theme that resonates with the audience within a context.